o perioadă de cincizeci de ani


O perioadă de cincizeci de ani (“a period of fifty years” in Romanian) interrogates the relationship between memory across distance (space/time) and between generations (collective/individual). In 2016, my entire family returned to Romania to celebrate my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. It was our family’s first reunion since my parents and I immigrated to Canada in 1995. Through a sonic interplay of field recordings, I ask the listener to consider how emigration from our place of birth impacts our understanding of intergenerational memory and our ability to receive/pass down stories. For this project, I collected recordings of my family during our two weeks together, collaged amidst the sounds that have surrounded me each summer that I’ve returned alone: church bells, crickets, dogs barking, wedding parties passing by, or building a fire to the sound of the local station playing off a radio my grandpa built under communism using a spare car battery. The recordings act as testimonies assembled in the shape of a ‘sonic’ photo album, denoting the consequences of immigration, namely the sensation of continuously missing loved ones and feeling perpetually uprooted and isolated, while also drawing on the paradoxical nostalgia for communism experienced across Eastern European states.

Created for live radio broadcast by Vancouver Cooperative Radio CFRO 100.5FM, Community Radio Education Society (CRES) and the Media Arts Committee (MAC).