kamias triennial 

I was invited to the Philippines to produce a site-specific sound installation for the 2nd Kamias Triennial, at Kamias Special Projects in Quezon City, Philippines between June 17 - 23 2017, where Canadian, Filipino-Canadian and Filipino artists were brought together as part of an international exchange. 

I set out to capture the sound of the converging domestic and public spaces by collecting field recordings specific to Manila. These included: the sounds of passing Jeepneys, construction sites, singing Maya birds, barking dogs, electric fans and Uber drivers watching telenovelas while driving. I used these field recordings to create a sound installation in the exhibition space at Kamias. 

I drew upon the work of Hiroshi Yoshimura (the prolific Japanese composer who intertwined sound design with architecture and public spaces), while integrating an experimental and analogue approach to examining the relationship between locational sound and private/public environments against the backdrop of Manila’s escalating urbanization.